No I UK German Pinscher breeders for a good reason – quality type, good health and good character.
Aritaur are the Top German Pinscher kennel in the UK for the past 3 years.

In the last 50 UK Championship shows where GP classes were scheduled, we attended 38 shows and won BOB at 35. Aritaur dogs have now won BOB at Crufts for the 4th consecutive year.

2014 RESULTS.....
Sorry, haven't had time to update since March! However, please visit our puppy page where there are details of a 7 month old red puppy male looking for a new home.....and I promise to come and update this soon.
29/03/2014 Luxembourg International Show - BOB Aritaur Gene Genie
23/03/14 Montenegro Cluster shows - Aritaur Gunga Din becomes Multi Ch with wins at: San Marino Ch, Montenegro Ch, Macedonian Ch, Balkan Ch, Mediterranean Ch and Bulgarian Grand Champion, Georgia Ch, Azerbaijan Ch and Caucasian Ch.
06/03/2014 CRUFTS 2014 - Another great Crufts for Aritaur - BOB Aritaur Gene Genie, BOS Aritaur Feeling Frisky to Starviper, RBD Ceriinan Quiero to Aritaur, RBB Aritaur Fabulousity.
2013 RESULTS.....

Dog World and Our Dogs Competitions: Clean sweep for Aritaur again thanks to our great owners and partners!

25/10/13 Midland Counties BOB Fly'Zooz Star of Elune via Aritaur, BOS Aritaur Ginette. BOB Judge Angela Graham.

Brussels Winners - CAC/CACIB Aritaur Fabulousity, CAC/RCACIB Aritaur Gunga Din.

14/09/13 Darlington - BOB Fly'Zooz Star of Elune via Aritaur. BOS Aritaur Fabulousity. BP Aritaur Jemima. Judge Jeff Luscott.
17/08/13 WKC - BOB Aritaur Gunga Din, BOS Aritaur Fabulousity, BP Aritaur Jemima. Judge Derek Smith.
05/08/13 Paignton - BOB Aritaur Fabulousity, BOS Fly'Zooz Star of Elune via Aritaur (Imp Pol). Judge Rodney Oldham
26/07/13 Leeds - BOB Aritaur Fabulousity, BOS Fly'Zooz Star of Elune via Aritaur (Imp Pol)
13/07/2013 NWPBA - BOB Aritaur Gunga Din, BP Fly'Ca Star of Elune via Aritaur (Imp Pol)
29/06/13 Genk - CAC/CACIB/BOB Aritaur Gunga Din
17/05/13 SKC - BOB Aritaur Gunga Din
11/05/13 National - BOB/BP Fly'Zooz Star of Elune via Aritaur (Imp Pol), BB Aritaur Ginger Fizz at Tubize
20/04/13 WPBAW - Fabulousity BB & BOB, BOS Fly'Zooz Star of Elune via Aritaur (Imp Pol) BPIB Judge Tim Ball


CRUFTS 2013 - BOB Aritaur Gunga Din, BB - Ginger Fizz
2012 RESULTS.....

WORLD SHOW '12 - Salzburg, Austria - DOUBLE WORLD WINNERS in an entry of 54...Quiero CAC/CACIB/WW/BOB, Pandora WW/CAC/CACIB/WW/BOS. Judge Senashenko Ekaterina (Russia)

11/05/12 The National - Quiero BD/BOB/CAC, Fabulousity BB/BPIB/BOS - Judge Hans Karl-Schneider
21/04/12 WPBAW - Quiero BD/BOB, Pandora BB/BOS, Betty Bombshell BPIB
10/03/12 CRUFTS 2012 - Quiero BOB, Pandora BOS, Betty Bombshell BPIB Judge Stephen Hall
28/01/12 Puppies born from Am Gr Ch Xitamiz Spartacuz x Am Ch Legacy's Heart of Gold for Hickson 'Spice'
  2011 RESULTS.....
11/11/11 LKA - Quiero BOB/AVNSC, Betty Bombshell & Delilah Dazzle qualify for Crufts 2012
26/11/11 Amsterdam Winners - Quiero CAC/CACIB/BOB, Legacy's Wish-ful Thinking v Aritaur RBB - Judge Ilona Ostenk Schenk
05/11/11 WPBAS - Legacy's Wish-ful Thinking v Aritaur BOB, Betty Bombshell BPIB, Judge Isobel Leggett
01/11/11 Puppies born - Int, Multi Ch Fabulous Rocko x Pandora
07/10/11 Duffyco's Va Bene to Aritaur had two black puppies - one boy, one girl - sired by Ceriinan Quiero to Aritaur.
24/09/11 Maastricht - Quiero CAC/CACIB/BOB, Pandora CAC/CACIB/BOS, Sassy RCAC/CACIB.
08/07/11 Championnat de France - Quiero - Best Junior. Pandora CAC/CACIB
07/07/11 WORLD SHOW PARIS - Quiero - World Junior Winner (from 16 other Juniors), then shortlisted from 58 other Junior Winners in Honour ring, to final 5 in show.
01/07/11 Windsor - Quiero - Winner of Junior Stakes, then Best AV - Rodney Oldham, then another shortlist in the Working Group - Hans vd Berg
26/05/11 Legacy's Wish-ful Thinking v Aritaur - pupppies born - two healthy black girls
05/05/11 Birmingham National - Pandora BOB
16/04/11 WPBAW - Pandora BOB
11/03/11 CRUFTS 2011 - Quiero BOB from Judge Stuart Mallard - becomes first Pinscher in UK history to be shortlisted in the group at Crufts (Group Judge Kari Wilberg)
2012 RESULTS.....
05/11/10 WPBAS - Pandora BOB
29/10/10 Midland Counties - Pandora AVNSC RBB
04/09/10 City of Birmingham - Pandora AVNSC BOB
21/08/10 WKC - Pandora BOB
23/07/10 Leeds - Va Bene Best Puppy, Pandora RBB
17/07/10 NWPBA - Pandora BOB, Duffyco's Va Bene Best Puppy and VHC (class of 9)
19/06/10 Border Union - Pandora - AVNSC Best Bitch & BOS
11/06/10 Duffyco's Va Bene via Aritaur arrives in the UK from Germany
30/05/10 Legacy's Wishful Thinking via Aritaur (Sassy) arrives in the UK from the US
17/04/10 WPBAW - Pandora - Best of Breed
11/03/10 CRUFTS 2010 - Ceriinan Pandora to Aritaur -Best Puppy In Breed
  2009 RESULTS....
13/12/09 LKA Ch show - Pandora - 1st AVNSC, Res Best Bitch
28/11/09 Amsterdam Winners International Show - Pandora Ex 3 Junior (44 entries)
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